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Growing up, Dana Carlson and her older sister, Julie, are inseparable—Dana the impulsive one, Julie calmer and more nurturing. But then a devastating secret compels Dana to flee from home, not to see or speak to her sister for sixteen years.

When she receives the news that Julie is seriously ill, Dana knows that she must return to their hometown of Black Bear, Minnesota, to try and save her sister. Yet she arrives too late, only to discover that Black Bear has changed, and so have the people in it.

Julie has left behind a shattered teenage daughter, Peyton, and a mystery—what killed Julie may be killing others, too. Why is no one talking about it? Dana struggles to uncover the truth, but no one wants to hear it, including Peyton, who can't forgive her aunt's years-long absence. Dana had left to protect her own secrets, but Black Bear has a secret of its own—one that could tear apart Dana's life, her family, and the whole town wisdom.

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"Family bonds unravel and a horrible secret tears sisters apart in Carla Buckley's enthralling new drama, Invisible.
What secret would be horrible enough to cause two sisters who love each other deeply not to speak for 16 years? Dana regrets not patching up things with Julie, but now it's too late. Julie's daughter, Peyton, calls Dana with the news that Julie is dying of kidney failure. Dana rushes home to be with her sister, but Julie dies before she arrives.
The small town where the sisters grew up hasn't changed much, except that everyone has gotten older—and they hold grudges. Dana decides to stay in town and make amends. Julie's husband wants her to leave, and Peyton wants nothing to do with her. The secret that Dana holds is too painful to reveal—even with her sister gone—and a chance for redemption seems impossible.
The vivid characters provide a spark of realism to this engrossing and sad tale. The secret is obvious from the first page of Invisible, but that doesn't matter overall. Subplots involving a dead body at a construction site and the source of Julie's kidney disease provide mystery but are secondary to what makes this novel truly sing: family dynamics.
Buckley writes beautiful prose, and fans of Jodi Picoult and Lisa Unger will enjoy this journey with the author."
   —Associated Press

"A layered, nuanced story of family, forgiveness, and rediscovered memories, this is a warm and emotional novel....The thrilling story of Dana's crusade will remind readers of the best parts of the movie Erin Brockovich, and fans of Deborah Copaken Kogan and Fanny Blake are sure to enjoy this tender, tautly paced novel."

"Carla Buckley's particular blend of domestic drama and suburban suspense is quickly building her a staunch following. Her debut novel, The Things That Keep Us Here, was widely lauded and broadly acclaimed. Her sophomore effort, Invisible (Bantam) promises to please those earlier fans with a tale of secrets in a small town and the lives they hold there."
   —January Magazine

"...Buckley does a masterful job of portraying a small community on the verge of crisis and a woman struggling to negotiate her past, her present, and her possible future."

"Carla Buckley skillfully pulls you into the heart of a small town with dark secrets, and a family marooned by tragedy and lies. How far do you have to run before you can escape your past? Beautifully written and unsettling, Invisible leaves you with a lingering sense of dread long after you close the last page. What happens to this family could happen anywhere. It could be happening in your town—right now."
   —Chevy Stevens, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Family secrets, environmental crises, complex characters, and lyrical, thoughtful prose. What's not to love here? This richly layered story will remain with you well past the final page."
   —Emilie Richards, USA Today Bestselling author

"Carla Buckley once again reveals the frightening things we can't see. Invisible made me question everything surrounding us in our homes and our neighborhoods. Do we really know what we're touching? Do we even know our own families? This chilling book reminds us of what's important in our lives."
   —Randy Susan Meyers, author of THE MURDERER'S DAUGHTERS and THE COMFORT OF LIES

"The greatest potential for tension lies at the heart of a family, where the blend of love and history is most volatile. This is where Buckley excels, layering challenge after challenge on the fragile threads connecting her characters, until there seems to be no possibility of survival. Invisible introduces an insidious threat and winds it through a doomed community whose members can only save each other by mending their broken bonds. Compelling and genuinely terrifying."
   —Sophie Littlefield, Anthony Award winner

"A splendid page-turner from start to finish. Carla Buckley is an author to watch."
   —Lynn Cullen, author of REIGN OF MADNESS

Bantam, trade paperback, December 2012, ISBN: 978-0440246053